1on1nights: launch event

An evening of storytelling, art, dance and music.


On October 20th, 2018, we gathered for the first edition of 1on1nights at Studio 301 NYC in Brooklyn, to celebrate our stories, histories and shared futures. Our goal was to launch our website and let everyone know who we are and what we are about, and together we made it happen!

Through the speculative work of Saks Afridi, the nostalgic re-creation of Elias Rischmawi’s home-space, and the wearables of Céline Semaan, we imagined our homes – authentic and open. We embraced Amirah Sackett’s movements, Mona Haydar’s songs and Dum Taks’ beats to engage in hybrid forms of self-making. Building on interconnections and intersections among ethnic and religious structures, we redefined what it means to be at home in America today. Together, we wrote a thousand and one stories. That night, we wrote the first chapter.

1on1nights was only possible with the support of our community, the generous sponsors, talented performers and the help from our friends.

1on1 wants to personally thank everyone who donated, participated, attended and supported this event!

A special thank you goes to: Lutfi Janania, Suzie Afridi, Shira Inbar, Yalla! Party (Assia), Tala Safié, Noel Paul, WonderPuff, Alfred Bridi, Philip Berbari, Chantal Jahchan, Mona Haydar, Amirah Sackett, Dum Taks with Zafer Tawil and friends, Saks Afridi, Elias Rischmawi, Céline Semaan, Arak Touma, Carakale Brewing Company, Studio 301 NYC, Michael Rock, The William and Mary Greve Foundation, and the Fund for the City of New York.


Stay tuned for the next chapter!



1on1 is a collective devoted to elevating the narrative and experience of Arab and Muslim Americans.